Monday, February 9, 2009

Day 1 of Flying lessons.

Well here it is... my second blog back in action. Here is the deal...


Ok... not flying as in with the birds (sorry Jeremy) Flying as in
Finally Loving Myself.

I found this wonderful site trough a friend's blog. THANK YOU STEPHANIE!!! I will forever be in your debt! Here is the run down

This web site below is my new motivation!

For a long time I have needed a change in my life. I knew that.... what I didn't know what HOW to make that change! I needed a schedule... a routine... a DIRECTION! I have never been able to make this change for myself. It is just to hard... to much.... to overwhelming to think of it all on my own. But now I have a friend to help me! The FLY lady. This lady is my new best friend! I LOVE HER! The whole site is dedicated to ladies like me. Ladies who need a little outside direction... some love.... a big hug... and a SHINY SINK to get me started! This site is all about learning to love yourself ONE GOOD HABIT at a time!

So I am taking the challenge.... I am learning to FLY. I am SO EXCITED about shining my sink today!! It is soaking in bleach as we speak! Am I intimidated.... OH YEAH!!! The negative voices keep telling me to stop now... that it is too much.... I will loose my interest so why start... I don't WAN'T to change, I LIKE being lazy!! But I know those voices are lying... they are the easy road voices. I can do better.... I deserve better.... I WANT to be better. So I am taking the plunge!

So why spill my guts on a blog?? Well.... I am very much a "words of affirmation" person. (If you have read the 'Love Language's' book you will know what I am talking about... if not... you should read it!) Anyway... I need to talk... I need people to KNOW what I am doing and tell me how great I am! lol. Lame I know. Instead of putting all this on my husband I am opening my heart to the web. No I don't expect comments on every post... or most of them. It is more that I feel like someone KNOWS what I am doing... and that is important. So the next time you come to visit me you can say "WOW.. your sink really IS shinny!" Also this is a motivational journal of my journey. This is my 'DEEP' blog. lol.

That brings me to another question. Why make a NEW blog for this? Why not use my other blog? Well basicaly..... because they are different catergories for me and need seperate spaces. I have a confesion..... I LOVE KIERANS BLOG! Kieran is always so open and honest in her posts. I feel like I know more about her than I ever thought I would. I check her blog daily hoping to get some of her inspiration. I would love to open up like she does... but I can't on my other blog... that is just me. My 'Family blog' is where I post the things people who want to keep up with my life MIGHT want to know. Funny thinks the kids do and say... what is going on in my home. Basic daily stuff. This blog... this is a personal journal. This is were I am going to grow... outloud. If you care to read along with me you can. If not... well I know I have a journal now.. even if it is just for me.

Ok.... enough blabbering?? YEAH I THINK SO!!! Just wanted to give a good intro to what I am doing here... for me... A guideling to remind me what I am doing when I get discouraged.

So today is Day 1 of my babysteps! I am Shinning my Sink! That is IT! nothing more. Not trying to shine my whole house in one day... that would discourage me. I am also working on laundry just because it is laundry day and my family needs clean clothes... but for once I am not going to beat myself up if (when) they are not all folded and put away at the end of the day. If my sink is shinny when I go to bed tonight... I will be happy... and I will feel good. This is a promise to myself.

Once my sink is shiny I MAY take the daily challenge and clean my garbage cans... I may not. We will see. I am excited to see what tomorows baby step will be. I am excited that I am excited about cleaning! So here we go! I am going to

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Stephanie said...

I am so glad you caught on to this too! I love it, although I have been unmotivated this week. I did last week great but this week was so busy anyway and Zone 2 is kitchen, which I could spend months in. I haven't done anything but surface cleaning, but I have been keeping my sink shiny! I also got my control journal mostly finished. Good luck and keep it going!