Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 3- keep doing it

Hmm... Well yesterday was kindof a bust on the flying front. I knew it would be a tough day since I stayed up LATE monday night (3 am - but it was SO WORTH IT! Midnight crafting with friends!) Anyway I was tired and un-motivated ALL DAY yesterday. We did get to go to the Draper Temple open house. That was wonderful. However, on the flying front I didnt manage to wear shoes at all around the house yesterday! I did keep my sink shinny and wiped down a bathroom though!

Day three instructions are - Do what we have already done. WHEW! Maybe they know that day 2 is rough for most people and they need another go on day 3? LOL.... or I am just making that up to make myself feel better! Either way... I get a second chance at day 2! I am sitting here blogging with MY SHOES ON! Hair is done... MAKEUP is done... bed is made... sink is shined... and both bathrooms are wiped down and shinny. Hey... that makes it sound like I am doing pretty good! (we will leave out the fact that my kids are in jammies playing by themselves while I type this).

So here I go for another try at day 2 and wearing my shoes. Maybe tomorrow I will actually manage to get up before the kids.

Last I thought I would share my new motto. In one of the Fly lady e-mails they send last night they were talking about being happy now. We live in a world that sells happiness. Buy this, wear that, have what your neighbor has and you will be happy. Only is doesn't really work that way... we are just programed to THINK it works that way. The e-mail was all about being happy NOW with what you have.. who you are.. and what you have before you. One line of this e-mail hit me SO HARD that it is now my motto


I love it!!! I am a self proclaimed procrastinator so this one hit home for me. That is exactly what we do. "I will be happy when.....". It is OUR CHOICE to be happy or miserable. It makes me think of the POW during the Holocaust. He was happy. Someone asked him why and he replied that they could take everything away from him but his attitude... that was his. If HE can decide to be happy... the I sure had better be able to be happy!! I am SO BLESSED! So today I am making the choice not to procrastinate my happiness. The cleanliness of my house will not determine how happy I am. Today... I am happy to be me. I am happy to be alive and healthy. I am happy to have a loving husband and two adorable children who are healthy. I am happy to have a home to live in. I am happy to have weakness.... yep.. you heard me... I am happy to have some growing to do.. a direction.. learning, and purpose.

Today I am happy because I WANT to be happy.


Dawn said...

You go girl!!!

Krista said...

Wow! That is very deep. I agree with you. Often I catch myself thinking about when Chad will have his Master's, then I will be happy, but if I focus on that I miss what is happening now!