Thursday, October 2, 2008

I feel so loved!!!!

Ok, So I just have to tell you how loved I feel right now! My hubby comes home the other day and tells me he won a $100 gift certificate to Kohl's from a radio station drawing! SWEET! Then he tells me he is going to let me spend it! EVEN BETTER! So today I have to go pick it up from the station. Scott forwarded me the e-mail telling him that he had won and where to pick it up at. In this e-mail it says "Thanks for the sweet e-mail. How about this as a prize for your wife's first kiss? $100 to Kohl's" So I read this and think....My first kiss??? What does THAT have to do with a random drawing!!??? (p.s. my first kiss was with my sweet hubby) So I start bugging Scott about what the lady was talking about. He gets all shy and won't tell me!!!!! Finally he is bright red and he tells me that they were having a debate during the morning show on whether or not high schoolers should kiss around or wait for their first kiss to be truly special. Scott wrote in to them and told them that I had kept my first kiss special and given it to him and how much it had meant to him!


Then I was like "was that really so hard to tell me?" And he says.. "yes... my face is boiling.. now go away and let me sleep!" ROTFL! He is SOOO CUTE!!! It embarased him to tell me our first kiss was special to him! What a silly boy! (he dosn't share his feelings easily!)

So yeah... anyway.... I am feeling super loved right now! And I have 100$ to go spend at Kohl's! WOO HOO! (Scott is going to really be embarrassed if he finds out I put this up on my blog! lol... but hey... I am enjoying the loved feeling!)


Nani said...

That is SO sweet! Guys just don't get how MANLY they look to us women when they are sentimental like that! (REAL men don't let anyone tell them how to express feelings!) You have a wonderful gem of a hubby! :)

Bunny Cates said...

just poppin by leaving a little DSO Lovin'!

jkuoha said...

SO worried about you - hope you are OK and surviving your break from designing! Stop by sometime and we can chat!!

Miss you - I hope to come up to Utah again soon - if I do, I will definetly call you!


Beth said...

Just wanted to stop on by and say "Happy Halloween!" Hope you've got a great weekend planned!