Monday, February 16, 2009

Here- but away.

Well my flying lessons are on hold for a week. I am a little sad... lol.. I was really enjoying myself! I have run away from home for the week while DH is on a business trip. I grabbed the kids and we came to Grandmas house for a week of fun. YAY! I am still going to keep up with my morning and evening routines as best I can. My main focus this week is going to be on my control journal, since that is something I can do away from home. I won't be posting everyday this week though since this week is about relaxing and enjoying some time away from mommy-hood. (that is what grandmas are for right!??)

So thanks to all who are stopping by to read!! I will be back next Monday with my next flybaby post!


Sherrie said...

Keep on chugging! I have fallen off the FlyLady wagon, but I need to get back on. Life (and the house) is so much more pleasant when I am FLYing.

jkuoha said...

You've been tagged - check out my blog for details!

Marie said...

So.......... uh... Is your sink still shiny, or what? =)