Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Day 2- getting dressed to my shoes.

Well here we are on day 2 of my flying lessons

Day 1 went really quite well... though I didn't get around to cleaning out my kitchen garbage's. It took a few hours to shine my sink. Mostly because I had to stop after every step and give the kid-o's some attention. But I got it done! At first I was a bit... unsure... how I felt about the sink. When it was all said and done.. it wasn't that much different than before. It was kind of a let down.. until I decided that it only meant that my sink wasn't TOO BAD before and maybe I wasn't so 'far behind' as I thought I was! That made me smile a bit. Still I couldn't help but feel a little frustrated that I wasn't on some amazing emotional high because my sink was so shinny. So I came down stairs to work on my laundry while my mind was still contemplating the conundrum of my shiny sink. When I looked at my washing machine it came to me! I needed a SHINY WASHING MACHINE! My washer is something that I NEVER wipe down... GROSS! I know! I think about it EVERY TIME I do laundry... but never take the 5 minutes to get a rag and wipe all the lint and soap boogies off of it! So yesterday I DID!!!!! It was SO EASY! 5 minutes and I was DONE! My washer was nice and shinny white, lint and boogie free! Somehow my clothes seem CLEANER today! It made me feel so good! Now when I look at my washer it makes me smile. You should have seen my husbands face when I told him what I had done!!! So far I had not told him about the site.... it was my little secret project. Mostly I didn't want to get his hopes up for a perfect house when I still felt I would loose interest in the program after a week. But last night around the dinner table I could hold it in no longer. I told him about the site and about my task for day one. He was trying NOT to look as excited as I knew he was! LOL. When I told him about the shinny sink he said that was great and he was proud of me. Then said he was fighting the urge to look over his shoulder right then to look at it! LOL I told him "go ahead!" so he looked and said that it looked nice... especially the faucet. I knew it wasn't that impressive so I told him my theory that It didn't look shockingly different because I normally keep it decently clean. He consented to that theory. I then told him that since I hadn't felt this deep sence of satisfaction I had been expecting that I shined my washer instead. HIS FACE LIT UP!!! He said he was more impressed by that than anything!! It was GREAT!

Back on the subject of the sink though. I thought the idea of wiping it dry after every use was a little eccentric. Seemed silly to me... but I though... hey, I will give it a try and see if it is 'for me' or not. Well... I have to say... the FLYlady was right!! I LOVE my shiny faucet!! It looks NEW... ALL THE TIME! I use the sink... then wipe off the water spots and in seconds my sink looks like I JUST CLEANED IT AGAIN! This morning when I woke up and wandered into the kitchen I looked at my shiny faucet... AND SMILED! It made me feel good! What a strange sensation one silly clean faucet can make! So now I am a sink wiper! I think I may start leaving towels by ALL my faucets!

So on to day 2! Getting dressed down to my shoes! Here is what the FLYlady says about getting dressed to your shoes

"Why do I have to get dressed to my shoes?

Several years ago I worked for a direct sales cosmetics company. One main rule for that company was that you could not make a single phone call in the morning unless you were totally dressed all the way to dress shoes. The reason behind this duty was that you act differently when you have clothes and shoes on. You are more professional. The customer can tell when you don't feel good about the way you look. So, if getting dressed makes that big of an impression on someone that can't even see you, then what is it going to do to those who can see you. Mainly yourself.
Many stay at home moms (SAHM's) are guilty of not seeing the need to get dressed all the way to the shoes. They figure, since only their children will be seeing them, why bother? Well, I am here to tell you, that you will be amazed at the difference in your attitude about yourself, your children, and your home when you feel good about how you look. I don't want to hear, "I don't wear shoes in my house". Well you do now. Buy or clean up a pair just for that reason. - FlyLady "

Hm- here is the deal... I REALLY DON'T WEAR SHOES AT HOME! Never have! Not because I think I don't need too... well that too... but mostly because I don't like wearing shoes! lol. So here is my consent. I am going to try it... for today. I got up and got dresses like always but then I took a few minutes to do my hair and makeup. It feels good. But I haven't yet put my shoes on. I am going to though. I am going to spend the second half of my day wearing shoes around my house. I am going to TRY the theory out... just like drying the sink. Maybe I will find that the FLYlady is right once again... and maybe I will find that this is one of those things in her flight plan that I can adjust to myself. We will see! I will let you know tomorrow how it goes! So that is it. All I have to do today is wear shoes! Easy! (and I have to clean my bathrooms because my lovely son got into my makeup this morning and poured the soap all over the sink. ugh.

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Romy said...

When I quit my job I resolved to get ready every morning as if I was going to work. I get to dress down but still look presentable. It helps a lot!